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There are approximately 900,000 sworn officers in the United States. According to some studies –19% of them may have PTSD. Other studies suggest that approximately 34% suffer symptoms associated with PTSD but do not meet the standards for the full diagnosis.


Given that traumatic exposure is common among firefighters, it is not surprising that high rates of PTSD have been found. Studies have found that anywhere between approximately 7% and 37% of firefighters meet criteria for a current diagnosis of PTSD.


It's reported that, "The lifetime risk for developing PTSD in US adults is 3.5%. ". Meanwhile, another referenced survey noted that 34% of EMS personnel report being formally diagnosed with PTSD, roughly ten times the rate of the general population.


The Department of Public Safety says 36% of the men working as corrections officers within federal penitentiaries report being affected by post-traumatic stress disorder, a startlingly high number that reflects what the guards say is the dangerous and emotionally corrosive atmosphere.


The rate of PTSD across telecommunicators is somewhere between 18 percent and 24 percent, as this percentage of individuals report enough symptoms of PTSD that they would likely receive a diagnosis if they were seen by a psychologist and were formally evaluated.


According to VA, experts estimate that up to 20 % of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans, up to 10 % of Gulf War veterans, and up to 30 % of Vietnam War veterans have experienced PTSDConsequently. In the past year alone the number of diagnosed cases in the military jumped 50%.


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