Fear and hopelessness are universal feelings that most everyone feels. Most everyone can benefit from recovery skills after cases of trauma, addiction, and PTSD . Director of National Outreach at Deer Hollow, Travis Whittaker, introduced his story and story of Senior firefighter Tim Wonacott about their recovery.

Wonacott started his career in law enforcement and is now a fire fighter in Idaho.  His training taught him how to approach extremely dangerous situations, but never taught him how to deal with the stress of the job or the situations he would see. Over the years this stress took a toll on his personal and professional life.  In August of 2017 he hit rock bottom and crashed.  Tim sought treatment at Deer Hollow Recovery and it changed his life. Tim learned that the details of his story are different, his situation is similar to so many others.

Doctors, lawyers, business executives, service members … many highly successful people can function in their daily tasks, but many suffer from addition.

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